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Alternative Clothing Manufacturer, Import & Export Wholesale

Address: 3rd Floor ,No.5 Building,Wangzhuo, No.2 Hengjiang Road,Kexi,
Keqiao ,Shaoxing,Zhejiang province, Post Code 312030 CHINA

Tel: +86 (575) 8568 3890 Fax: +86 (575) 8116 8195

 Mob: +86 (189) 6952 0000   15158290993

Email: alihssr@yahoo.com.au Web: handrlondon.com

Our products:

We chose our own designed fabric that undertakes rigorous process which takes at least up to 25 working days to produce; we are making sure all our suppliers are manufacturers that we have physical control over the quality of materials in China.

We have our own factory directed by Mr Ali Hessari. In fact, we are involved in every step from design, cutting the pattern, sampling, producing and packaging all the way to our customer's door steps. We promise good time delivery and cost efficiency from China to anywhere in the world.

We are working in fair condition in China with respect to employees, with absolutely No child Labour policy!

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